///REBECCA. (pure1maginati0n) wrote in global_explorer,


Hello everyone, if you were one of the lovelies that commented encouragingly in response to our pitch for The Global Explorer online magazine then you probably know what we're all about already, if not then have a looky at our info page, it's all on there.

The cut off point for ideas for the first issue is today!
No need to pitch again on here though, if you commented on the post in calmallamadown then your ideas have been duly noted.

At the end of today I'll post a list of all the ideas pitched and who's nabbed them so if you could just confirm that you are indeed going to proceed with that idea, that would be awesome for us to get planning with.

The deadline for everything for Issue 1 is next weekend, but more info on that when we know what we're dealing with.

Get working guys, this magazine is going to be tweed and gouda wonderment..!

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