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Evening Explorers!

Well, as promised, here's the definitive list of ideas we've had pitched for Issue 1 of The Global Explorer.

delorentoes, insane_pyro_grl, scarlett_h and kassie_opia -- Photoshoppers

gothic_veils -- History of tweed article

45eugenia -- Howard's top jazz influences, complete with fake jazz musicians.

vous_et_moi -- A Brief history of Jazz and 'Zookeepers Find the Egg of Mantumbi'

ziozio -- mustache care and tips on how to win over Lady Love

nicely_boosh -- Booshical-agony-aunt-column-thing. Perhaps letters to Bollo.

justwolf -- Naboo's recipes and dating advice for gorillas.

duckfight -- A sort of 'Time Out' review of completely made up bars and clubs

insane_pyro_grl -- Interviews with Old Gregg and The Moon

sonormalithurts -- Watercolours of Baileys etc.

pure1maginati0n -- Deputy Sheriff of Stationery Village

letsmakeacrepe -- How to make the perfect Trumpet Sock

tightcords -- An expose on the plight of mink making fur coats in sweat shops

dirnt_y -- 'Back in the day', complete with tash wearing londoners and a review of how to preserve socks

donny_scum -- Pen of the month

storytelling -- Tony Harrison's travels

If you're on the list and you don't want to be, please comment saying just that ASAP! Or, if you don't think you can make the deadline, let us know that too!

The deadline is midnight next Saturday 10th May.

I'll make another post straight after this one where the comments will be screened. This is where you should comment with your material for the magazine. If it's a writey piece then if you could just post it as text in the comment that would be ace. If it's just pictoral goodies you're bringing, then post them in comments too. If it's a writey piece but you've got images to accompany it, post it all in a comment and we'll get our photoshoppers onto it.

Any questions, comment here!

So remember, if you don't want to be on this list, let us know ASAP so we can get our heads sorted!

Love and Explorations from your mods
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