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A simple truth

without accessories

Global Explorer Magazine
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A simple truth without accessories.
In response to the disppointing launch of 'Cheekbone' and the illiterate nature of the contributions that it comprises of we bring you... The Global Explorer. The even newer boosh lifestyle magazine, written by fans with spell check and a basic grasp of what it means to be a boosh bitch. It's not meant as a "we're better than you" magazine, just another one.

As it is to be a somewhat more sophisticated version of 'Cheekbone', it's going to have a distinctly Howard feeling to it. It'll be a mostly satirical magazine with articles relating to Boosh references such as Bainbridge's "I thawed myself out using the heat stored in my moustach". There'll also be a fashion page, highlighting the many advantages of tweed and elbow patches. A jazz page is obviously a must. We'll also have a 'things that aren't satirical' box for genuine letters, real interviews and Boosh related articles. Anything about supposedly slutty Noel or 'Julian bought a hamburger, oh my!' is a no no. I should also point out that although it is to have a Howard vibe, it is to have equal focus on all Boosh members.

So, we need contributions! Any articles you want to write, fake interviews, fashion tips, jazz related garb, Boosh news, art, photoshop work... Go for it! Also any suggestions would be more than welcome :]:]

Comments are screened so the surprise isn't spoiled when the magazine is eventually launched :]